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UK: (0)20 7936 9072SPAIN: +34 952 862 227 

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Spanish Probate Solicitors in Marbella


It can be very distressing to lose a loved one, and administering their estate can feel confusing. If your loved one passed away in Marbella, or you live in the area and are responsible for distributing an estate elsewhere in Spain, contact our Marbella office today.
There are many challenges that come with a loved one's death overseas. This is a complex area of the law, with varying rates of inheritance tax and language barriers that must be considered.
From the Marbella office, we offer a comprehensive Spanish Probate service including:

    Undertaking Public Registries Searches of assets in Spain
    Obtaining Spanish Last Will Certificate and Insurance
    Dealing with Spanish Banks to transfer funds to Beneficiaries

Our lawyers are experts in Spanish Probate, and can also help by way of a Power of Attorney if you are unable to travel to Marbella.

At Spanish Probate Solicitors, we can help to organise everything during the Probate process, ensuring that your loved one's estate is distributed in the most tax-efficient way and in accordance with Spanish law. 

Whether it’s dealing with UK residents with Spanish assets or assisting professional bodies with their clients’ Probate matters, we are on hand to help with your personal circumstances. To speak to our Marbella office about our Spanish Probate services, click here

With offices located in Marbella, Barcelona, Alicante, and London, our bilingual team of Probate specialists can help you distribute your loved one’s estate today. 

Contact our English-Speaking Spanish Probate Solicitors in Marbella

If you are based in the Marbella area and require Spanish Probate Solicitors to organise the estate of a loved one who lived in Marbella or elsewhere in Spain, our specialist team can help. Contact us online via our enquiry form or contact us at our Marbella office on +34 952 862 227.