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UK: (0)20 7936 9072SPAIN: +34 952 862 227 

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Spanish Probate Solicitors in Barcelona


If you are required to organise a loved one’s estate overseas, it can be a very stressful experience. Our Spanish Probate service is designed to help people in all circumstances. If you live in Barcelona and need to handle an estate elsewhere in Spain, or you’re based in the UK with the responsibility of finalising a foreign estate, contact our Barcelona office to speak with one of our specialist Probate Solicitors today.
When a person has Spanish assets, the Probate process can become more complex if:

    the deceased was a UK resident,
    a beneficiary is based in the UK and is not a Spanish resident, or
    if the deceased owned property in both Spain and the UK.

In such circumstances, our bilingual Probate Solicitors in Barcelona are on hand to give you peace of mind.

Not only are Spanish inheritance laws different to that of the UK, but inheritance taxation can change from region to region within Spain. At Spanish Probate Solicitors, our specialists can take care of everything for you with full English translations. 

It’s not always possible to handle Probate matters in person, especially when the deceased lived in another country. As such, we can assist with drafting a suitable Power of Attorney for your Probate purposes. 

With our headquarters in Spain and an office in Central London, our clients have swift and easy access to our services when they need them. For expert advice on all aspects of Spanish Probate, contact us today

Contact our English-Speaking Spanish Probate Solicitors in Barcelona

Do you need Spanish Probate Solicitors for a loved one’s estate in Barcelona? Or perhaps the deceased was a UK resident with assets and property in Spain? Our team of Spanish Probate experts can assist you in fulfilling your loved one's wishes. Get in touch with us through our enquiry form, or contact us at our Barcelona office on +34 952 862 227.