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UK: (0)20 7936 9072SPAIN: +34 952 862 227 

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Spanish Wills Lawyers in Spain

Spanish Wills executed in Spain


Spanish Probate Solicitors will prepare a draft Will, in English and Spanish, in accordance with your instructions and carry out the necessary formalities to ensure that the Will is correctly legalised and registered with the Spanish Wills Registry.
Our services include:

    Drafting of your Will in Spanish and providing a translation to English, providing you with a draft copy for approval.
    Final drafting of your Will.
    Sourcing or arranging a suitable Notary Public in the area within which you live in order that you can attend to sign your Will. If the Notary Public is happy with the document and translation you will sign your Will in front of them at their offices. Only one witness is required to execute a Will in Spain and which can be a Notary Public.
    The Notary Public will then attend to the registration of the Spanish Will at the Spanish Wills Registry.
    You will receive the original copy of the Will following registration, we will provide you with an emailed copy of the executed document and a further copy will be stored at our offices.

We provide expert advice on all aspects of Spanish Probate.