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UK: (0)20 7936 9072SPAIN: +34 952 862 227 

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Spanish Probate Solicitors in Alicante


Bereavement can be a very difficult and emotional time, especially if you need to handle a loved one’s estate. Whether your loved one passed away in Alicante, or you are based in the area and trying to deal with an estate elsewhere in Spain, contact us today.
The complexity of the Probate process will depend on whether the deceased left a Will or died intestate. However, there are additional circumstances that can complicate the distribution of a foreign estate, including if:

    the deceased had assets and property in more than one country
    the beneficiaries stated in the Spanish will are not Spanish citizens
    your loved one was a UK resident with Spanish assets

Having an experienced Probate legal professional by your side will give you peace of mind while simplifying the process. Our bilingual Spanish Probate Solicitors can take care of everything no matter the circumstances, communicating in plain English.

From obtaining the Spanish Last Will Certificate to preparing and filing a Local Land Tax Return, our comprehensive Probate service is designed to help with every aspect of estate distribution.

Our Spanish Probate services in Alicante are also available for professionals, such as solicitors, accountants and financial advisers. We will work alongside you to ensure all legal formalities are handled for your client.

With offices based in Alicante, Barcelona, Marbella, and London, Spanish Probate Solicitors can help you handle the assets or property of a loved one’s estate today. 

Contact our English-Speaking Spanish Probate Solicitors in Alicante

If you are based in the Alicante area or had a loved one who owned property or assets in Alicante or elsewhere in Spain, get in touch with us. Our Probate experts can help you to distribute the estate according to Spanish law. Get in touch through our enquiry form or contact us at our Alicante office on +34 952 862 227.